Конна База Здравец

  "Years ago I was going to the stunt performers in the film centre in Sofia and there for the first time
I had the chance to get on a horse. The feeling was staggering, I had the sense of freedom, of fly, pride
of the synchrony with which we started working. This was only the beginning...
the beginning of something that doesn't have an end!"


In our equestrian base, the riders-beginners can get their first equestrian lessons from a professional instructor and those who already ride well, can have a stroll with their favorite animal in nature. Duration of riding is according to the wish and capabilities of riders. Except riding, the guests can shoot with a Proto-Bulgarian bow, can play table tennis or billiard, as well as visit the located close to the base and included in the hundred national sites of Bulgaria monastery Saint Nikolas.

Our History

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