Horse Base Zdravets

Be a Hunter

If you are a true fancier of nature and its real inhabitants, then we promise you experiences as a participant in this program incomparable with anything. The only thing that is needed from you is to "arm" yourself with a video or photo camera, tapes and batteries and after a few kilometers of riding we arrive in the rural reserve of century-old forest of graceful beeches, oaks, fir-trees and fairy glades. Everything here is authentic and natural - a tree has laid low - you will find it that way, as it has fallen, in front of your eyes a hawk takes off for prowling, dexterously it changes fly directions, stops suddenly as if it is nailed in the air, attacks, crosses the path - a whole strategy that you can capture in the object-glass. The forest is a real oasis for small birds - blackbirds, nightingales, pheasants, and you have the same possibility to see little squirrels and rabbits, to meet a roe.