Horse Riding in the Wild

The intensity and length of our trips are well planned and organized.The rides last for around 2-3 hours until noon and another 2-3 hours in the afternoon. They take place through beautiful woods, gentle slopes and valleys of rivers and streams. The chance to ride a horse for hours far away from traffic, noise and lots of people is something you can only dream of in the modern city.

The varied terrain allows for demonstrating different riding techniques. You get to visit many historic landmarks and monasteries. We sleep in mountain, huts and if we decide so – by the fire along some river. There are many ways for you to spend your time, but horse riding with friends or family is the best you can offer them.The nature and the mild climate provide ample opportunity for recreation outdoors, allowing you to enjoy yourselves through a wide variety of activities. Walks, bicycle rides, tennis, golf, water sports, visits to game reserves, cultural and historic landmarks, picnics, yoga, meditation, art therapy, massage, fitness, laughing therapy, folk and other dances,paneurhythmy, mountaineering, SPA and wellness procedures, ski lessons, energy therapy, healthy food, etc. The relaxation we provide and the participation in our recreation activities contribute substantially to the physical, mental and spiritual health of people.

Time spent with people you love is precious. You love somebody special in your life. Pass some time with your child, half or somebody you like deeply. Relax and enjoy the exciting horse trial in the mountain. To spend wonderful days of riding on the remarkable horses amongst picturesque forests and portraying hills, meeting diverse wild animals. Abundance of places for swimming, climbing, photo hunting and galoping in snow in the winter. Delicious dinner around the campfire full of pleasure. Take time to indulge yourself. There are many ways to spend your free time but the riding with your beloved people is the best that you can give them as a present.