Team Building

We offer a big range of actions and play instruments to satisfy the increased interest in outdoor activities, directed predominantly towards team recharging with positive emotions. We also build individual programs, that are taken in correspondence to factors that are hindering the team effectiveness.

- Riding, nature and fun - is a program made by us, and there are included activities connected to riding. With it, the participants have the chance to experience one very attractive and nice action connected to the horses and nature, which is at the same time combined with different adventure, competitive and other types of tasks connected to horses and riding. There the participants undergo different funny games to reach the big final.
This is a program that is very beneficial and positively can recharge the participants with plenty of positive emotions, laughter and unforgettable memories. This program has the chance to be enriched also with about ten activities that have different level of psychic and intellectual effort, taking into account the goals of team building.

The activities of the team building are done in fresh air and sun with included sport and a lot of laughter and they are a perfect combination for funny and emotional experiences of the employees in any company.