Program for Children
Children’s sports camp

Horse riding camp “Zdravets” is the best place for recreation and relaxation In the middle of the authentic beauty of Stara planina mountain. For one week the children will have the unique opportunity to spend time with their favorite horses, riding and taking care of them. With the help of qualified instructors the camp offers training courses in horse riding and trips to natural and historic landmarks.
The sportsrecreational programme includes all activities, which bring joy to the children as well as unforgettable experiences, which will help the gain entirely new knowledge and practical skills – archery, tennis, various recreational games, trips, tournaments, theme parties, workshops and others.

The camp offers all kinds of sports activities, recreation and relaxation among fresh mountain air and beautiful nature, far away from the city noise and pollution. Our goal is to encourage the children to go outside, have a good time, be healthy. In horse riding centre Zdravets we put accent on such technics that easily improve the valuable physical and psychic abilities, develop the reflexes, the attention and the power of will.
It is working in direction of creating one complete physical and psychic stability, building of capabilities for swift and effective orientation in different situations. And what unforgetable experiences students enjoy when they stay in base Zdravets for 3, 5 and more days, when they camp by us! Here they learn to make by themselves from provisions deliciouse food on a self-kindled fire. And in the dark, from the fascinating delivered tales and legends, as if people and events from our native history come back to life.

The days are filled with horseback riding, table tennis,badminton, racing with sacks, archery, walks in the woods and acquaintance with the rural fauna and flora. In the base we acquaint the children with the life and the popular customs of the proto-Bulgarians and most of all - their battle arts, as we are teaching them in the technical rules of archery, sword fighting etc. And nowadays with the exercise of our methods and technics bequeathed from the past, the young people advance their physical endurance, achieve good flexibility, and develop fine ingenuity.